We like to keep things simple and casual around here, so come on in and grab a fresh cup of coffee, meet a few people or find a seat in the auditorium. We start with a live band that leads us in mixed styles of passionate worship where we experience God’s presence. We enjoy freedom in spontaneous expressions of worship, followed by sound teaching from the Bible. Afterward, feel free to hang out after the service, refill your beverage, mingle, and meet new friends! It’s totally up to you!

Whatever you normally wear, from business attire, to shorts and sandals, all are welcome. Typically, people are dressed casually.

After worship, children that are 2 years of age through 6th grade are prayed over and then are led by their teachers to a secure, fun environment. They will be taught an engaging lesson from the Bible with other activities.

We have an area where parents can take their children if they are unsettled or need to nurse.  There, you can listen to the service in a private setting; otherwise, your little ones are very welcome to join us in the auditorium.

"Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory." Proverbs 11:14 "Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves."
-Philippians 2:3


Redemption City Church is governed by our understanding of the Biblical model with a plurality of elders working together, to pursue the vision and heart that God has placed on us for the community and into the nations.

In ordinary language that means we are a team, wanting to serve you as Jesus served, and to create a loving, safe place for you and your family.

Check out our motley menagerie of leaders!


Lead Elder / Visionary

As you can see, Tkay seems to be fierce, but don’t let appearances fool you, he’s fun-loving, fuzzy and friendly.  The beautiful and lovely, Sandy, is very graceful, and brings a great balance.  For a more interesting and exciting church, you definitely need a couple like this!


Yes, they are as “crazy-wonderful” as they look! This fun and adorable family will be sure to melt your heart. They adapt well to the wild, but can be very domesticated. A much needed addition to any church!


When given the right circumstances, Tim roars in response to music, and enjoys good humor and laughter, but can be serious when appropriate. Lorna is fun-loving and her antics are sure to make HER laugh! A definite plus to have them at any church.


Nothing says, “Family” like having these two around.  They are fun-loving, caring and simply sweet.  The “Irish-Patrick” is full of surprises and laughter, and the best part is that he comes with the sweetest little Samantha, but appearances aren’t everything, she’s a fierce prayer-warrior.