Redemption City Church is governed by our understanding of the Biblical model with a plurality of elders working together, to pursue the vision and heart that God has placed on us for the community and into the nations.

In ordinary language that means we are a team, wanting to serve you as Jesus served, and to create a loving, safe place for you and your family.

Check out our motley menagerie of leaders!


Lead Elder / Visionary

As you can see, Tkay seems to be fierce, but don’t let appearances fool you, he’s fun-loving, fuzzy and friendly.  The beautiful and lovely, Sandy, is very graceful, and brings a great balance.  For a more interesting and exciting church, you definitely need a couple like this!


Yes, they are as “crazy-wonderful” as they look! This fun and adorable family will be sure to melt your heart. They adapt well to the wild, but can be very domesticated. A much needed addition to any church!


When given the right circumstances, Tim roars in response to music, and enjoys good humor and laughter, but can be serious when appropriate. Lorna is fun-loving and her antics are sure to make HER laugh! A definite plus to have them at any church.

Chris & Cheryl Smith

Chris and Cheryl are an absolute gift to RCC! They are a couple with their hearts set on fire for Jesus and a love for His people. Chris and Cheryl felt in God to hand over their church in San Clemente CA and move to Colorado with their 2 boys and follow the call of God!