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The commercialization of the Gospel

Let me say this: I’m not for the commercialization of the gospel. I see this kind of thing all the time … 14 videos on how churches can break through growth barriers … $397.

I get that there is a cost to printing, marketing, etc. but honestly, when I see stuff like this, I am reminded of Jesus turning over the tables in the temple courts. A friend of mine recently contacted a high-profile pastor in the USA and asked if he could fly into his city to buy him a cup of coffee to have some time with him. The answer: “Sure, but I’m going to have to charge for my time.” How on earth did we get here?

Could you imagine where the church would be if Jesus charged for his time? Just for a minute allow me to pose a few questions based on the simple principle that we all live in the same time-space envelope of 24 hours a day. If this guy, with his 24 hours a day, charges people, shouldn’t we all be able to? I understand that this guy might be a little busier than most, but what if Connect Group Leaders started charging people to come into their homes? What if believers started charging each other for the “one another’s” of the scripture? What if instead of relying on the pattern and plan of scripture around tithing, we simply started charging an entrance fee at the door every Sunday to come hear the Gospel? Could you imagine an unbeliever, lost, broken and, desperate for help showing up at church on Sunday and being told at the door: “That’ll be $49.95 for open seating, $79.95 for premium seating, and $99.95 for a backstage pass and coffee with the Pastors after the meeting.” Seriously!!!

What happened to “freely you have received so freely give.” To the spirit of generosity? To larger churches resourcing smaller churches, etc.? Jesus said my house shall be called to pray for all the nations but you have turned it into a den of thieves. (Matthew 21:13) What happened to pastors of “resourced” churches traveling to “under resourced” churches at their own expense .. simply to strengthen and encourage (Acts 9:31, Acts15:30, Acts 16:5). I wonder who “paid” for the great apostolic expansion of Acts 14:21-28?

A leadership manual that I read recently had this in the front cover: “There is no copyright on any part of this manual. You may, therefore, copy or reproduce any part of it for the glory of Him who is worthy!”

That’s more like it! We need more of that and less of the commercialization of the gospel and the church.

I am not for the commercialization of the Gospel in any shape or form!

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February 14, 2018

February 14, 2018

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