Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a fun way to get involved. To find out the descriptions of each volunteer opportunity, just scroll over or click on each picture below. If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions, please click on the “Volunteer Here!” button and fill out the form and list all opportunities you are interested in.

Thank you for your support and interest!


As a member of the Admin team, you will be given various tasks. This is a key position that makes everything run like clock-work.

As a Kid’s Church helper, you get to be a kid again. You will be assisting the teacher in lessons and helping children with their crafts.

Here is where you can explore your creativity and assist with various design products.

You put the smiles on everyone’s face with the coffee, water and tea that you will set up before service. Other responsibilities will include welcome table set up, placing tissue boxes in the isles, and insuring that the building is clean.

If you have an ear for sound, this is the team for you. The sound team is responsible for setting up the sound board and main speakers for the main service. The worship team assists in helping set up. AV makes sure that the computer and projector are ready for the service, and is also be responsible for running the software during worship and the message. You will be recording the message and uploading to the website.

As a Kid’s Church Teacher, you will be responsible for preparing your lesson and craft. Also, you and your helper will get to use your creativity to set up the learning area. You will need to submit an application and be prepared to have a background check run before being selected.

This is such a fun team to be a part of! You will get to help plan and prepare for various events and outreaches of the church.

Prayer is key and essential to lining us up with God’s will and brings us in maturity with Christ. You will be joining others in lifting up various prayer needs and praying His Kingdom come.

When joining the worship team, you will need to commit to regular practices. Every Wednesday we meet to worship and pray together, and prepare for the following Sunday.

The set up team is in charge of getting everything ready to go for the morning service. You will be helping with hanging signs, making sure the chairs are in the correct place and carrying the appropriate bins to each of the rooms. After service you will load equipment, etc. back into the storage.

If you enjoy meeting people or just being around others, this is the team for you. As a part of the Welcome Committee, you will be the first smile that people see, as you hold the door open and greet everyone. You will be the first impression newcomers receive about RCC.


We are so excited that you are wanting to be apart of our volunteer teams.  If you are interested in volunteering, please submit the form below. Thank you!